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Third: Advanced Troubleshooting

Occasionally, the dock will conflict with other serial COM devices on the computer and simply moving it into the legacy protected COM space (COM1) will resolve the issue. If you have administrator access to your computer, you can fix it yourself by performing the following steps. If you don't, your IT department should be able to assist you.

1) Close the StepWatch™ software if it's open.

2) Open Device Manager in Control Panel (you can reach this feature by choosing Control Panel from the Start menu, choosing Hardware and Sound, and Device Manager will be an option in the group at the top of the screen).

3) In Device Manager, one branch of the tree is the Ports (COM & LPT) section, observe the StepWatch™ dock on a COM port next to a conflicting device, usually Intel Active Management. It is likely called 'USB Serial Port'.

4) If there is a device on COM1 (usually a legacy serial communications port), move this device to COM2 - do so by right clicking on the item in the list, choosing Properties, then the Port Settings tab, then press 'Advanced...', and change the COM port number to COM2. Then click OK to close the advanced settings and properties dialog boxes.

5) Move the StepWatch™ Dock to COM1 from whatever COM port it currently occupies, using the same method as above in step #4.

6) Restart the computer.

7) Open the StepWatch™ software. If the dock is not immediately detected, open "Tools" > "Preferences" and click the "Communications" tab. Click the "Set to default" button, then pull down the "Connect to StepWatch dock via" menu to select the StepWatch™ Dock on COM1. Click "Done". The dock should be detected and ready with a green light.

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