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Does the StepWatch™ software require any special access to my computer for installation?

For the software, usually not. The StepWatch™ software is a standalone executable, meaning it does not need to be “installed”. Simply copy the software to the computer and open it. No installation is needed.

For Windows, unzip the software download, and move the ‘StepWatch’ folder inside (which contains stepwatch.exe and two subfolders) to a location on your computer (desktop, or another location of your choice). You may run StepWatch.exe directly or create a shortcut on your desktop as desired.

For Mac OSX, copy ‘’ into your Applications folder.

The StepWatch™ dock driver may need administrative permissions to install, depending on your computer permissions. Check out the installation guide included with the StepWatch™ dock and consult your IT personnel or contact modus technical support for assistance.

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