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"Failed to locate Framework DLL" Error Message

This error indicates that the StepWatch™ application file is in a separate location from the "Resources" and "StepWatch Libs" folders which contain files needed by the application to run.

For example, this error would occur if the application was dragged and dropped onto the desktop from the "StepWatch" folder after unzipping.

To successfully launch the StepWatch™ application, please ensure that the application file remains in the same directory and folder as the "Resources" and "StepWatch Libs" folders.

If you wish for the StepWatch™ software to be accessible from your desktop, you may do so by creating a shortcut to the application. To accomplish this, first you must move the unzipped and complete "StepWatch" folder out of the "Downloads" directory into another location. Having done that, you may right click the StepWatch™ application file and select the "Create shortcut" option. This will produce an object labeled "StepWatch - Shortcut" which can be dragged and dropped onto the desktop without causing errors.

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