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My computer won't recognize the .SWB extension.

This problem is normally caused by attempting to open an .SWB file outside of the StepWatch™ software. For example, you may experience this error by having previously saved a StepWatch™ file to your desktop and attempting to open this file without first running the StepWatch™ software.

For StepWatch™ files to be opened outside of the program they need to first be associated with StepWatch™ software.

The simplest way to do this is double click the icon on your desktop before opening the software. This will open a dialogue asking you how you would like to open the file. This dialogue should give you an option to browse your computer to find a program to open the file with. You may use this to navigate to the StepWatch software found in the StepWatch folder. This folder is commonly saved in your downloads or documents folder (or your applications folder if you are using a Mac).

If you continue to have problems opening your .SWB files, please contact Modus Support.


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